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Web Design

Our main 'thing' is designing websites, specifically websites that work. You would think this was a given for any website and yet confusing navigation, poor structure, inaccessible content and outdated information plague a large number of today's sites.

IceBomb adopts a user-focused approach to create attractive, intuitive websites for small start-ups right up to large public bodies.

All our sites are built using standards compliant XHTML and CSS so you can rest assured your new site will work across most browsers and platforms.

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Web Development

If you already have a website but find its not working we may be able to help you out. It could be that the site doesn't have enough visitors, or perhaps it does but they don't stick around long enough to use any of the site's features.

IceBomb offers a range of site development and optimisation services from keyword insertion and HTML optimisation right through to complete site overhauls.

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Email Marketing

We hate Spam. However, when used responsibly and intelligently, email marketing can be one of the most effective ways of keeping both existing and potential contacts informed of your services and products.

The biggest benefit? It's completely measurable. So you can see exactly how your recipients are responding to your campaigns and act accordingly. This means you don't waste valuable resources and your recipients don't add your address to their Blocked Senders list.

IceBomb offers a full email marketing service, from template design through to campaign management. Our system is easy to use so you can have full control over your own campaigns, or we can take care of the whole service for you.

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a few examples for you:

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