Articles covering the use of websites in marketing.

User-friendly SEO

There was a time when Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) was seen as some mysterious black art. Developers would pit their wits against search engines to get their sites high in the rankings – usually higher than their content warranted. This … Continue reading

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Maximising your social media profile, minimising your additional costs – or why Facebook isn’t just for FarmVille.

The holy grail of marketing has always been to develop a relationship with your customer. The idea being that through this relationship with your client base, you can predict, pre-empt and possibly even coerce them into remaining loyal to your … Continue reading

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Stay focused

It’s good to be busy but it can often mean that important business development tasks are neglected. So, at the end of a busy few months, and as a new year begins, it seemed like a good time to write … Continue reading

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